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Detroit Pistons Come Together Game Changers Grant Challenge

The Detroit Pistons and the Come Together Foundation have teamed up with The LEAGUE Michigan to recognize volunteerism and youth leadership in Michigan communities. During the 2013-2014 school year, one $500 classroom grant will be awarded weekly in support of students state-wide who are activating successful service-learning projects within their community.

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What is The LEAGUE Michigan?

The LEAGUE Michigan is a program for service, service-learning and philanthropy education that builds character and empowers young people to “do good” in their community, the nation and the world.


How does The LEAGUE Michigan work?

The LEAGUE Michigan empowers young people to "do good" through the implementation of six dynamic components that prepare youth and educators with the right tools to make a positive impact in their communities. 

The six dynamic components are:

  • Learning To Give curriculum - consists of over 1,600 lessons on service, service-learning and philanthropy education aligned to state and national standards for use by K-12 educators.
  • Fisher Trainings – a 3 ½ day immersion experience where teachers learn how to implement service, service-learning, and philanthropy education curriculum in their classroom.  This is done through developing a project to be implemented in their classroom with support of a mini-grant.  In addition, participants have the opportunity to earn SB-CEUs or college credit as a result of participating in this training.  During the summer of 2012, these trainings were held in Battle Creek, Detroit, the Eastern Upper Peninsula and Grand Rapids.

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  • Fisher Training Part II - this retreat offers Fisher Training alumni a deeper look into service, service-learning and philanthropy education. During this training,
  •  participants share lessons learned, gain ideas to enhance current projects, and develop a plan to engage their administrators and fellow teachers.
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  • Service & Leadership Camp – a weekend camp designed by a committee of young people from across the state, for teachers and students entering 8th – 12th grade during the 2012 – 2013 school year.  Camp provides an opportunity to engage in service, service-learning and philanthropy education projects, interactive sessions, develop leadership skills and lay out plans for the upcoming school year.

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  • Projects – LEAGUE Michigan staff is available to support teachers and students in integrating service, service-learning and philanthropy education projects in the classroom.  Projects can be focused on the moments of service or any additional projects that the students develop.

The LEAGUE Michigan Commission and Committee

The LEAGUE Michigan receives guidance and support from The LEAGUE Michigan Commission and the Service & Leadership Committee. The Commission is comprised of 16 community leaders, from Michigan businesses, foundations and nonprofits, educators and students from around the state. The Service & Leadership Committee, which is primarily responsible for planning and implementing the annual Service & Leadership Camp and teacher trainings, is a group of 12 students and 3 teachers representing various school districts around Michigan. 

Meet our commission members and service & leadership committee!

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