Nonprofit VOTE

Engaging New Voters 2020 Partnership with Nonprofit VOTE

Engaging New Voters 2020 is a nonpartisan initiative of Michigan Nonprofit Association and Nonprofit VOTE to promote and evaluate the role of nonprofits doing voter engagement.

The initiative will highlight the value of nonprofits conducting voter participation with their constituents and community through evaluation data and case studies.

Michigan Nonprofit Association will serve as the anchor organization that manages a cohort of 15 nonprofit organizations.

Project Goal

To establish a sustainable, scalable model for nonprofits and community-based nonprofits to engage their constituents and clients in nonpartisan voter engagement activities. This includes obtaining evaluation information on how many people contacted voted, and measuring our impact on turnout as a collective network.

All efforts related to Engaging New Voters 2020 must be conducted on a nonpartisan basis. Participants may not directly or indirectly support or oppose any candidate for public office.