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Hollingsworth and Associates

As a non-profit or government leader, you often face the challenge of ineffective internal department coordination or external collaboration with other agencies – often mis-aligned or even working at cross purposes with each other serving the same populations addressing the same issue. I have a passion, talent and 25 year track record for helping over 100 organizations create a shared vision and integrated agency plans to solve complex system problems and set strategic direction. I design and facilitate dynamic collaborative planning processes that actively engages people with different expertise, perspectives, disciplines, backgrounds and strengths, working together to achieve the following outcomes and results: 1. Eliminate duplication of efforts and increase coordination 2. Achieve mission & vision clarity that distinguishes uniqueness 3. Establish motivating strategic direction and measurable targets 4. Track progress with feasible implementation plans & milestones 5. Increase funding

Specialties: 1. Strategic Planning with Individual Agencies 2. Strategic Planning with Collaborations and Coalitions 3. Board Development and Training 4. Meeting Design and Facilitation 5. Mid-Course Corrections of Existing Collaborations 6. Focus Groups and Surveys
Areas Served: All
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Joyce Hollingsworth