Job Center: Employer FAQ

The employer posting the position is an MNA member, but I don’t have a login for the organization’s account. Can I still post?

Yes, but you’ll need the organization’s account admin to login and add you as a contact.

If you already have a job seeker account, you’ll still need to be added as a contact to the employer’s organization account and create a user profile.

I am posting on behalf of another employer, do I need to be a member to get the member rate?

Yes and no. If you are posting from your own account (not the employer), you need to be a member to have the member rates available.  If you want to use the employers membership, their account admin will have to add you as a contact.

Can I renew my listing?

Yes.  You will receive an expiration email prior to your job expiring and can renew your listing there.  You can also login to your employer dashboard.

How long will my posting stay live on the job board?

Employers can select 30 days or 60 days when purchasing a package. Employers can also log in at any time and remove a job posting early or renew for a longer time.

How soon after I submit my post will my job show up on the website?

It should post immediately.

Can I edit my posting after it is posted?

Yes. Simply log in to your account and you can edit from your employer dashboard. 

What are the specifications for an included logo?

The logo needs to be a png or jpg square image, 500 x 500px.

Can I pay for more than one posting?

Yes. MNA offers a discount when purchasing 5 or more postings at a time.  For employers who have 5+ positions every month, MNA offers job wrapping which posts automatically by pulling from another URL at a significantly discounted rate.

How can I purchase an advertisement in the Job Center Newsletter?

MNA's Job Center consistently receives over 16,000 unique visits each month.  Only one advertisement will be displayed on the Job Center at any given time, providing maximum visibility.  Advertisements are available at $500/MNA members & $800/nonmembers for a 30-day posting. Ads should be 800 x 150 pixels or less than 100 words.  For questions or to submit your ad, contact

Can I purchase additional services to increase visibility of our posting?

Yes, click to see pricing packages

Why does MNA highly recommend including salary information?

We believe that posting clear and accurate salary ranges saves time and effort for jobseekers and employers and leads to a more equitable employment environment. In addition to aligning with MNA’s value of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice, here are a few reasons why posting salary ranges is beneficial for both employers and jobseekers:

  1. Saves Time: Far too often, employers spend countless hours reviewing resumes, scheduling and conducting interviews, only to find out that their salary range does not match the needs and expectations of the candidate. By posting salary ranges, employers save their hiring teams and jobseekers time by attracting only the candidates that feel the position fits their compensation requirements.
  2. Supports Equitable Hiring Practices: Whether conscious or unconscious, bias can impact how some employers choose to compensate new hires. By setting and communicating clear salary ranges up front, nonprofits remove an unnecessary barrier to attracting the best candidates, regardless of race, ethnicity, age, or gender.
  3. Increases Applicants: Some studies have indicated an increase of 20-30 percent more applicants for job postings with salary ranges included, compared to those without. In a competitive hiring environment, nonprofits should take advantage of every tool available to attract a robust pool of talent to their organization.

Is there a limit to the number of characters in the job post?

We removed the 250-word limit, so there is no limit to characters in the job post.

Hey, I'm not logged in anymore? What happened?

It is possible for your website "session" to time out due to inactivity, or, rarely, due to technical reasons. Please log in again if this happens.


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