Michigan Financial Opportunity Corps - AmeriCorps Member

Posting Date: 06/12/2018
Job Category: Other
Organization: Community Housing Network, Inc.
City Position is located: Troy
Position Description (include how to apply):

Do you want to get things done for your community? The Michigan Financial Opportunity Corps (MFOC) and Community Housing Network, Inc. are pleased to announce a full-time position for a 12-month membership beginning in September 2018!  The MFOC member will serve with Community Housing Network, Inc. based in Troy, Michigan and provide access to valuable financial and renter education services to the community of Metropolitan Detroit.  This is an excellent resume builder and provides the opportunity to further the mission of economic equality.  The member will provide access to valuable community programs, education and financial resources, all while gaining considerable professional experience.   AmeriCorps membership offers a number of benefits to alumni as well as the prestige of having served with this nationally acclaimed program.  Many AmeriCorps members have gone on to be recruited by the very organizations where they have served –countless others have gone on to hold public office and have taken on high-level leadership roles in both the public and private sector.  

Core Responsibilities

  • Youth Financial Education and Engagement
  • Provide Financial and Renter Education courses to High School seniors in partnership with local high schools
  • Facilitate and implement innovative course curriculum and content to be presented in a variety of formats, under direct supervision of a Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA) certified Housing Educator
  • Implement pre- and post-assessment assessments and track outcome data  

Research and Development

  • Research methodology and tools for delivering effective financial and renter education to diverse populations
  • Research community programs and resources on an ongoing basis to provide up to the minute information for the community  

Marketing and Outreach

  • Perform email, phone and door-to-door outreach to program participants and other community members who may benefit from educational workshops
  • Contact a variety of community stakeholders in an effort to partner and provide access to various products and incentives
  • Participate in community meetings and events and promote services
  • Collaborate with community partners to plan, coordinate and market Oakland County’s “Show Me The Money Day” event in 2019

Intake and Education:

  •  Serve as the first point of contact for community members in Oakland, Wayne and Macomb Counties seeking resources and services
  • Assess needs of residents to provide information, resources and referrals
  • Gather intake information and any pertinent documentation from clients
  • Effectively communicate to clients seeking services their options with regard to fair housing and fair lending

Monitor Progress:

  • Maintain regular communication with clients seeking services
  • Complete surveys using the standardized survey tool with all clients served in the time and manner required by the MFOC
  • Conduct exit surveys with clients and compile the results to measure the effectiveness

 Create and Implement a Professional Development Plan:

  • Identify current strengths, skills and areas where the member seeks to develop new skills, strengths, and expertise during their service year
  • In collaboration with the site supervisor, develop a plan to meet the member development goals
  • Meet with the site supervisor on a weekly basis to review plan progress and modify /adjust the plan as indicated.
  • The member will also be responsible for other essential program- or position-related duties as assigned by the supervisor.

Member Service Requirements

  • Members must be a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident.
  • Members must be 18 years old or 17 with parental permission.
  • Members must have either a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Member must possess a valid driver’s license, and have and agree to maintain motor vehicle liability insurance that meets organization minimum requirements throughout their entire service commitment.
  • Members must pass criminal history and registered sex offender background checks, including FBI fingerprinting.
  • Members must serve 1,700 hours during the 12-month service term.
  • Members must participate in and travel to all necessary AmeriCorps related activities and trainings.
  • Members must fulfill program related requirements, which include but are not limited to: submitting direct service reports and quarterly service highlights and completing semi-monthly timesheets.

Member Benefits

  • Members will receive a $13,732 living allowance stipend from the Corporation for National and Community Service for their service activities. The living stipend will be paid by CEDAM in semi-monthly installments.
  • Members are eligible for health insurance (member only-family members are not eligible) and childcare assistance.
  • Upon successful completion of the 12-month service term, members will receive a $5,920 educational award that can be used toward student loan payments or toward higher education.
  • Full-time members also qualify for student loan forbearance during their service and may be eligible to have the interest paid after service.
  • CEDAM, host agencies and the Michigan Foreclosure Task Force will provide training for AmeriCorps members on relevant background information on foreclosure to ensure that they are adequately prepared for service.

To Apply: Please send resumes and questions to mjaks@chninc.net with “MFOC 2018-2019 Membership Application” as the subject line.

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