Operations Director

Posting Date: 09/10/2018
Job Category: Other
Organization: Michigan League of Conservation Voters
City Position is located: Ann Arbor
Position Description (include how to apply):

The Michigan League of Conservation Voters is seeking a full-time Operations Director.  Someone who can build/organize a powerhouse team, lead organization-wide planning, build/manage budgets/financial processes, establish policies/practices and ensures that we have the resources to expand over time.   Candidate must grasp long-term goals that shape our work in the political, environmental, and non-profit space.  Know how to catch big ideas, turn into actionable plans/practices, and organize to act on them.  Manage a variety of projects, from hiring to budgeting to compliance, and have organizational skills necessary to stay on top.  Thrive in a fast-paced, campaign-like environment and bring an inclination to solve problems creatively and a positive management style.  The Operations Director is based in Ann Arbor and report to the Executive Director. In part, responsible for: Designing and leading planning processes to provide financial and programmatic plans that align with a 5-year Strategic Plan.  Oversee financial management for four separate organizations to ensure legal compliance and financial health, enforcing internal controls, and drafting clear, concise financial reports.  Developing/directing HR programs, policies, and practices. Build relationships and oversee contracts with vendors related to organizational infrastructure, including landlords, IT vendors, database services, event services.  Direct day-to-day organizational operations so that time/energy is most impactful. 

Send resume/cover letter to jobs@michiganlcv.org

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