Nonstop Wellness

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Explore a new way to self-fund employee healthcare,
with a program designed specifically for
Michigan Nonprofits with 50+ employees on benefits. 

Michigan Nonprofit Association’s partner, Nonstop Administration and Insurance Services, is a mission-based benefits advisor that offers its unique partially self-funded health insurance program to nonprofits with at least 50 staff members on benefits. The Nonstop Wellness program provides:

  • Organization savings
  • Reduced or eliminated out-of-pockets
  • Stabilized premium increases year-over-year
  • The potential to receive unspent healthcare dollars back on a quarterly basis

Find out how Nonstop Wellness can save your organization valuable dollars while also reducing or eliminating out-of-pocket expenses for your employees! 

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“There is a world beyond the increasing costs and stagnant benefits of traditional fully-funded health insurance for nonprofits. Self-funding and partially self-funding are taking off among small-to-midsize organizations due to the cost savings opportunities. And Nonstop Administration and Insurance Services has created a unique approach to partial self-insurance, designed specifically for nonprofits, that allows for organizational savings and better support for employees through the elimination of copays, coinsurance and deductibles. Its a win-win for everyone involved.”

 – Mike Wurtsmith, Board Chair for Thunder Bay Community Health Services and Nonstop Ambassador


CHASSBut don’t just take our word for it – hear what Human Resources Director Angela Salgado says about the partnership between Nonstop and Community Health and Social Services Center (CHASS):

"It was important to us that saving money on healthcare didn't come at the expense of our employees, such as through cost-shifting. So the biggest thing with Nonstop Wellness is that our staff saves in both premium and out-of-pocket costs, which is fabulous for them and for CHASS. The fact that we can now advertise a great benefits package, which offers our employees a $0 copay and deductible program, makes a big difference in our recruitment and retention efforts." 

– Angela Salgado, MBA, Human Resources Director for CHASS


Nonstop is also a proud partner with the Michigan Primary Care Association, saving organizations like CHASS, Great Lakes Bay Health Centers, and East Jordan Family Health Center valuable dollars and increasing access to care for their employees.

"Not-for-profits are on the front lines of providing health and human services to people throughout the state. Just as it’s important for all patients and clients to have access to care, it’s important for the staff of not-for-profit organizations who provide critical services to have regular access to primary care. One way to help ensure access to care is by removing the barriers to affordable health care benefits through lower employee out-of-pocket costs. An important benefit!”

– Loretta Bush, MSHA, Chief Executive Officer, Michigan Primary Care Association

"A strong health care plan is critical to attract and retain top talent in the nonprofit sector. That’s why MNA has partnered with Nonstop Wellness to provide this valuable member benefit to save on health care costs. See if your organization qualifies today.”

– Donna Murray-Brown, President & CEO, Michigan Nonprofit Association

To secure a confidential savings analysis or to simply get more details _on Nonstop Wellness, please contact:

For nonprofits:
Danielle Ledford, Community Liaison
or 503-781-6973
For associations:
Jody Schreffler, Director of Corporate & Community Relations
or 503-260-5634