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FREE Webinar: The Grantsmanship Game 2019
Thursday, January 31, 2019, 12:00 -  1:30

Presented by Maryn Boess, Grants Magic U, in partnership with Michigan Nonprofit Association. Get ready to navigate the changing 2019 grants landscape with more confidence with this powerful best-practices roadmap from GrantsMagic U.

You'll learn the powerful "Grantsmanship Game" framework Maryn has shared with over 10,000 grantseekers for navigating an ever-changing grants environment with skill, confidence, and success. You'll put on your Magic Grantmaker Goggles as we explore how our 5 best practices align with what grant decision-makers want and with your organization's own mission, vision, and values. You'll leave with fresh insight into the grants landscape and your unique place in it and a whole set of new planning tools and step-by-step tactics for putting what you've learned to work right away!

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