Census 2020

 Michigan Nonprofit Counts Campaign

 The Michigan Nonprofit Association (MNA), in partnership with the Council of Michigan Foundations (CMF), is launching a statewide campaign to engage nonprofits in ensuring a fair and accurate census count in 2020 – Michigan Nonprofit Counts Campaign. 

Accurate census data are essential for the fair distribution of political representation at the national, state and local levels, and for the fair allocation of government resources. More than $600 billion federal and state program dollars are distributed to communities annually based on census data. Yet historically, the census has missed disproportionate numbers of racial minorities, immigrants, young children and the poor, leading to inequality in political power, government funding and private-sector investment for these communities.

Nonprofit Complete Count Committee will aid in outreach, awareness and implement strategies to ensure a complete count.  It will be comprised of organizations serving hard-to-count communities and organizations that directly represent individuals that are traditionally hard-to-count.  The committee will provide guidance for the campaign, and individual representatives of the committee will educate their networks on the census and mobilize their members to take the lead and/or participate in get-out-the-count efforts in their local communities.

For information on the committee, please provide your contact information by clicking on this link  http://www.cvent.com/d/c5qttg