Tech Care Services

Fortune 500 companies have a Chief Technology Officer, an IT helpdesk, a team of network engineers and IT project planners…and now so can you!

Our Tech Care Service solution is designed exclusively for nonprofit organizations that want ad-hoc strategic IT advice and planning, a toll free helpdesk, stable and secure computers and peace of mind that today they can focus on their mission and leave the IT to us.

The Tech Care Services solution protects and maintains your computers with:

  • Enterprise antivirus for all PC’s and your server – The software is loaded onto all computers and monitored to make sure it is up-to-date.
  • Proactive spyware scanning and removal – Advanced spyware software is loaded onto all computers. Scans occur on a daily basis and run in the background to remove spyware threats.
  • Temp file deletion – Temporary internet files and other unnecessary temp files are removed to free up space on your computer as well as to help it run more efficiently.
  • Disk Defrag – Automatically runs every month to keep your hard drive running up to speed.
  • Windows Security updates – The system ensures you have all the latest security patches from Microsoft.
  • Computer & Server monitoring – Checks to ensure you don’t run out of disk space and monitors for serious errors that can cause a crash

The Tech Care Services solution supports your staff with:

  • Toll free help desk for all staff – Calls are unlimited and can help you with everything from printing to internet problems and Microsoft Office questions.
  • Remote support – Staff can remotely log in while on the phone with your staff to better help troubleshoot problems
  • Remote computer access for staff – If desired, staff can log in through our customer portal to securely access their own computer desktops from home or other internet connected computer

The Tech Care Services solution aids your organization with:

  • Year round ad-hoc advice regarding technology purchases and strategic IT direction
  • Annual IT review—your MNA Technology services consultant will come onsite to help review tech expenditures and help to budget for technology, including hardware, software, services and projects

For more information, contact us.