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Who We Are: Sarah-Grace Battles

By Sarah-Grace Battles, MNA Communications Manager

My name is Sarah-Grace Battles, and I am the Communications Manager for the Michigan Nonprofit Association (MNA). Yes, I go by Sarah-Grace as a double name, and, yes, I am in fact from the South. I grew up in North Carolina and attended the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, where I earned a bachelor’s degree in communications and minors in political science and women’s studies. I also attended Michigan State University for my master’s in Legal Doctrine and Analysis. I am an avid learner and conscientious worker with an eye for detail who still loves using my paper planner.

Having grown up with a father who works diligently in the nonprofit sector, I have always dreamt of following in his footsteps and taking my leap into the nonprofit world. Working for an organization that allows me to flourish in leadership, further develop my knowledge and impact others is critically important to me, and I am grateful to have found all of that and more at MNA.

Each day, I am privileged not only to work among some of the best, brightest and most compassionate colleagues, but also to work with our members, board members, community partners and other sectors. I am able to collaborate with them to advance important missions and promote the values of the nonprofit sector as a whole. My hope for the communicaations of MNA is that it will be a collaboration of those within MNA and its partners across Michigan to provide resources, useful content and use it's platforms to communicate stories of the issues, successes and challenges of the nonprofit sector in Michigan.