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Michigan nonprofits: Where are we now? MNA's new president and CEO has her finger on the pulse

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Through our reporting at the Nonprofit Journal Project, we're continually learning of the creativity, resiliency and commitment with which our region's nonprofits are serving their communities, all in the face of a pandemic.

Recently, Issue Media Group had a chance to chat with Kelley Kuhn, new president and CEO of Michigan Nonprofit Association (MNA). Kuhn stepped into this role on Jan. 1, having previously served as MNA's vice president and twice as its interim president and CEO.

As leader of a 700-member statewide association, Kuhn shares her perspective here, on what challenges Michigan's nonprofits are facing, the work her team's doing to offer support, the perspective she brings to this new role and her thoughts on the sector's future.

Founded in 1990, MNA is a nonprofit itself, dedicated to strengthening Michigan's diverse nonprofits by promoting anti-racism and social justice. Its statewide membership achieves its mission through advocacy, training, technology services, and civic and community engagement.

Issue Media Group (IMG): To start, at a time when nonprofits are needing increased support, what are some of the benefits MNA offers?

Kelley Kuhn: The number one benefit is being a part of a larger network of other charitable organizations. You’re connecting with others who share interest in benefiting the community, and are having similar experiences in service, and in daily operations. Our advocacy and public policy work is also a huge benefit to nonprofits, especially during this time of COVID-19. MNA is currently advocating for a nonprofit relief program. We know there's been a lot of relief dollars allocated to small businesses, and rightly so, but there hasn't been a lot of support to nonprofits, whose needs are very similar.

GrantStation is a benefit our members recently ranked number one. Nonprofits can use this tool to access information around foundations and grant opportunities. We know how vital grant writing is to the revenue structures of nonprofits, and so we offer a way to broadly explore and connect with those who can support our member organizations' missions.

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