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New Overtime Regulations Are Coming. Is Your Nonprofit Ready?

New Overtime Regulations Are Coming. Is Your Nonprofit Ready?

I’m sure by now that you’ve all heard about the new Department of Labor overtime rules.

The new regulations greatly expand the number of workers eligible for overtime pay. The annual salary threshold at which organizations are required to pay overtime to salaried workers increased from $23,660 to $47,476.

Employers, whether nonprofit or for-profit, have until Dec. 1 to implement the new rules.

Charities will struggle to absorb the increase in labor costs. Many fear the added costs will lead to layoffs and fewer services. But at the same time, we all understand the importance of a living wage to the people we employ as the people we serve.

To help you navigate the new rules, start by reading the cover story in the Fall edition of MNA's LINKS Magazine by the National Council of Nonprofits. MNA is also sharing all available webinars, trainings and briefings on our website – www.mnaonline.org

On Thursday, September 29 we are partnering with Plante Moran to host an in-person training from 10:00 – 11:30 at Michigan First Credit Union in Lathrup Village. You can register here.

We will also be developing a webinar for those that can’t attend the September in-person training event.

Please keep sending your feedback and questions. You have all been instrumental in crafting solutions that ensure nonprofits are equipped to comply with the law while continuing to serve their clients.

Donna Murray-Brown
President & CEO
Michigan Nonprofit Association